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Mediablog Media Dog Productions Canada's #1 web design company

When it comes to web design, the West is the best.

That’s according to a western Canadian web design firm, which has released its list of Canada’s top web design agencies. Six of the ten are based in Alberta, two more are in BC.

LAUNCH Web Design is a group of digital media experts based in Edmonton; they compile a list of top digital agencies based on a variety of factors, including quality, marketing knowledge, device compatibility, creativity and price.

The Top 10 Canadian web design agencies list is based on a collective opinion rather than fact, the group describes.

The 2014 list, as described by LAUNCH:

1) Media Dog: Calgary-based Mediadog was chosen as Canada’s #1 web design company because of their creativity, attention to detail and capability to take on some of Canada’s biggest projects. Their experience in Flash and their unique ability to engage online visitors is one of a kind.

2) Graphically Speaking: The #2 was graphically speaking out of Vancouver, because of their sheer size. They have a large number of staff and put out a high number of top quality websites.

3) Lift Interactive: Lift is one of Edmonton’s top web design companies. They have evolved from a Canadian leader in Flash into a leader in user experience and responsive design.

4) Climax Media: Climax is a Toronto-based web design agency with a simple, yet, eye catching flair. Their work is refined and well thought out.

5) Head Space: From their quaint office in Halifax, Headspace creates designs that are truly refined and fit for some of the largest websites out there. Their knowledge of programming and mobile design stood out.

6) Acro Media: As many of the companies on this list, Kelowna, BC-based Acro Media has been around for years. They have always had a very bold and adventurous style. Love them or hate them, their style and their work stands out.

7) Media Masters: The Media Masters approach reaches well beyond website design; they are also professionals in branding and marketing. From working with small companies to entire countries, Edmonton’s Media Masters has gotten it done.

8) Web3 Marketing: Another Edmonton agency, Web3 was established in 2005 and, like many of the companies on this list has evolved to offer responsive design and digital marketing. The Web3 team makes great use of online videos to show off their work and tell potential clients about their offering.

9) Pump Interactive: When it comes to digital art, Calgary’s Pump is one of the best. Their knowledge of drawing, digital design and the use of color (sic) creates bold, eye-pleasing websites that are hard to ignore.

10) Edmonton Web: Edmonton Web is one of the newest agencies on this list. The decision to include Edmonton Web was a slightly biased one as some of the partners in LAUNCH work with Edmonton Web. However, we truly believe that it deserves to be on this list because of the firm’s unique talent in pixel art as well as it’s (sic) ability to create fantastic responsive layouts.

LAUNCH itself is a web design and digital media business based in Edmonton; it’s new name and website were launched late last year, following nearly ten years operation as Edmonton Web.




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Mediablog Website Monitoring Part 1 - Oh No, Our Site's Down!

Whether you have ever used a broken website, own a single website, or, like us, have hundreds of live sites, you know that a site which isn't working is an inconvenient and most likely critical problem. Even with fault-tolerant hosting features in place such as clustered servers and redundant internet connections which should prevent any website outages, the unfortunate truth is that there is still a chance your website may go down...

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Mediablog Avoid Capital Letters in Email Addresses

Using capital letters in email addresses is something I've noticed people doing for a few years now. But it's not a trend that you should consider following since I've seen some of the problems this creates first hand.

For the most part, people aren't concerned with the difference between john.doe@example.com and John.Doe@Example.com for example, but there are some systems and software where that difference is like night and day.

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Mediablog How to Find a Folder in Microsoft Outlook

Recently one of us misplaced a folder in Microsoft Outlook. Messages in that folder could still be found when using Outlook’s search, however we had no idea where the folder had been moved to. We found a way to find the folder though...

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Mediablog Case Study - Eyeclectic Eyewear

Case Study - Eyeclectic EyewearThe word eclectic is an adverb which essentially means building your ideas from the best of different sources.  Check out how we made sure that philosophy persisted throughout the redesign of eyeclectic.ca in our Eyeclectic Eyewear case study.

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Mediablog Why We Use Bazaar for Version Control / SCM

Why We Use Bazaar for Version Control / SCMAt Media Dog, we handle some large, high profile, high traffic websites that require many changes. Read about how we integrated source control using Bazaar into our daily workflow.


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Mediablog Case Study - Woody's RV World

Case Study - Woody's RV WorldWell, you've begged, you've pleaded, you've shouted from the mountain tops, "We MUST know what makes Woody's RV World tick! Online at least. Please we're begging you! The fantastic RV Showcase, the incredible product manager! Throw us a bone here!"

Wait, that wasn't you? I've been dreaming you say? Well, my dreams are about to come true because we've whipped up quite the case study. Follow me as we explore all the nooks and crannies of woodysrv.com, just another one of the latest websites Media Dog has proudly launched over the last few months.

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Mediablog Cufon Javascript Error - "Attribute only valid on v:image"

After having used Flash based text for the web for a couple of years, I stumbled upon a great script which makes implementing raster, rich typography on the web painless and very customizable. The script Cufón is one of my new favourites...

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Mediablog jQuery Superfish Menu Styling

I recently had the opportunity to get my hands dirty with the jQuery based menu - Superfish. If you're not familiar with the menu system, its definitely worth checking out. See either the jQuery plugin page, or the author's website. Why did I choose to test out this nav system? It's free, lightweight (4KB), built by an unordered list - which can help out for SEO purposes, jQuery based, and it works well across many browsers - yes, even IE6.

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Mediablog A Shift From the Address Bar to the Search Box

Before my days at Media Dog, I spent a few years working in Japan, and during my time there I noticed an interesting trend among subway print ads and tv commercials. In a space normally reserved for the companies url, the ads would instead have a mock up of a search box with some keywords. An interesting approach to promote the website and one which I feel speaks much more naturally to a web users browsing habits.

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