Case Study - Eyeclectic Eyewear

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We at Media Dog have written up another case study to give further insight into the professional web development process; this time for the redesign of Eyeclectic Eyewear’s website

The word eclectic is an adverb which essentially means building your ideas from the best of different sources. Eyeclectic embraced this philosophy to build a truly unique and stunning inventory of glasses and eyewear products. Check out how we made sure that philosophy persisted throughout the redesign of in our Eyeclectic Eyewear Case Study.

Personal pet peeve – waiting in line for half an eternity while the queue leader’s figuring out their next appointment with the receptionist. Why should I be late for my yodelling lessons just because you can’t recall what your December’s looking like? To alleviate this effectively, we built an appointment request tool that dynamically lets Eyeclectic’s web site visitors know all available days and times, so you’ll never have to be that guy holding up the line again.

Given that Eyeclectic’s tagline is ‘Life is a Visual Experience’, it was imperative that their site was a ‘visual experience’ as well. Read about how we accomplished this with imagery and design wizardry in our Eyeclectic Case Study, or go straight to the new

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