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Well, you've begged, you've pleaded, you've shouted from the mountain tops, "We MUST know what makes Woody's RV World tick! Online at least. Please we're begging you! The fantastic RV Showcase, the incredible product manager! Throw us a bone here!"

Wait, that wasn't you? I've been dreaming you say? Well, my dreams are about to come true because we've whipped up quite the case study. Follow me as we explore all the nooks and crannies of, just another one of the latest websites Media Dog has proudly launched over the last few months.

Learn about the wonderful backend management system we've rigged up that powers everything from the RV Showcase and product inventory, to the weekly specials and photo galleries. Want to know why Woody's RV World keeps ending up in your RV related Google searches? Or even if you're interested in an RV for yourself, see why is the place for all your RV needs.

Or perhaps, and most interesting of all, come see what we're adding to the site next. Yes, the relaunch of has proven to be such a success we're adding even more functionality.

Come read all about it over at our Woody's RV World Case Study and you can thank me later.

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